Greetings! It’s with immense pleasure that I introduce our newly launched website for London Hypnotherapy & NLP. My name is DR MKA BUX (Kamal), and I bring over 25 years of dedicated experience in Clinical Hypnotherapy, Psychotherapy, Counselling, and Stress Management to our practice. Our mission is clear: to guide you towards achieving what you define as ‘normal’ in your life through effective, evidence-based hypnotherapy and NLP techniques.

Our expertise spans a wide range of treatments, including but not limited to anger management, anxiety, phobias, asthma, IBS, insomnia, and relaxation techniques. Each therapy session is bespoke, tailored to your unique needs and life experiences, ensuring a deeply personal and effective approach to wellness.

What sets us apart is our commitment to your journey. From the moment you step into our consulting rooms, conveniently located and accessible by public transport in London, you’re assured of a non-judgemental, confidential, and professional service. Our goal is not just to meet but exceed your expectations, providing a pathway to positive change and well-being that respects your individuality.

Whether you’re looking to overcome addictions, phobias, or simply seeking a more balanced state of mind, our free consultation offers a starting point to explore how we can work together towards achieving your goals.

Thank you for visiting our new website. Your journey towards a more fulfilled life starts here. Together, let’s unlock the potential for positive change and well-being that you deserve.

Warm regards,

DR MKA BUX (Kamal)