Hypnotherapy For Habits

Whether good or bad, habits are crucial in shaping our daily lives and quality of life. Our Hypnotherapy for Habits service helps you break free from detrimental habits and cultivate positive ones, leading to lasting personal transformation. Understanding that habits are often deeply rooted in the subconscious mind, we tailor our approach to your unique needs and goals.

Through Clinical Hypnotherapy, we delve into the subconscious drivers of your habits. This allows us to address not just the actions themselves but also the underlying thoughts and emotions that fuel them. Whether it’s stopping nail-biting, overcoming procrastination, or establishing a healthy exercise routine, our hypnotherapy sessions are geared towards creating lasting change.

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Common Bad Habits We Address:

  1. Persistent engagement in unwanted behaviours like nail-biting or hair-pulling.
  2. Struggling with compulsive eating or smoking habits.
  3. Difficulty in establishing healthy routines, such as regular exercise or balanced eating for weight loss.
  4. Procrastination and poor time management impact productivity.
  5. Reliance on alcohol or other substances as a coping mechanism.
  6. Overuse of digital devices leads to sleep disturbances and decreased social interaction.
  7. Habitual negative self-talk and thought patterns affecting mental health.
  8. Inability to break free from comfort zones, hindering personal growth.
  9. Excessive cleanliness or orderliness causes stress and anxiety.
  10. Avoidance habits lead to missed opportunities and relationship challenges.

Drawing on a range of hypnotherapy techniques, we focus on replacing unhelpful patterns with positive, empowering alternatives. By reinforcing these new behaviours at a subconscious level, we help solidify them as part of your everyday life. Our approach goes beyond temporary fixes, aiming to embed these positive habits deeply and durably.

How Hypnosis Can Stop These Issues

Hypnosis offers practical strategies to address, stop and resolve habit-related challenges:

Breaking Unwanted Behaviours

Hypnotherapy reprograms the subconscious, reducing the urge for nail-biting or hair-pulling and replacing them with healthier actions.

Managing Compulsive Habits

It addresses underlying triggers for compulsive eating or smoking, fostering self-control and promoting healthier lifestyle choices.

Encouraging Healthy Routines

Hypnosis aids in establishing and maintaining positive habits, such as regular exercise and balanced eating, by reinforcing motivation and commitment.

Overcoming Procrastination

It helps alter procrastination patterns, enhancing focus and time management skills to boost productivity.

Reducing Dependency on Substances

Hypnotherapy can lessen the reliance on alcohol or other substances by tackling the root causes of dependence and reinforcing healthier coping mechanisms.

Balancing Digital Consumption

It assists in creating a healthier relationship with digital devices, improving sleep patterns and encouraging more real-world social interactions.

Transforming Negative Thought Patterns

Hypnosis changes habitual negative self-talk, promoting positive thinking and improving overall mental health.

Expanding Comfort Zones

It encourages stepping out of comfort zones, supporting personal growth and feel like exploring new opportunities to achieve your goals.

Regulating Obsessive Behaviours

Hypnotherapy helps manage behaviours like excessive cleanliness, reducing stress and anxiety linked to these actions.

Confronting Avoidance Habits

It enables individuals to face and overcome avoidance habits, improve social and personal relationships, and open up new life opportunities.

Hypnosis provides a comprehensive solution to overcome habit-related issues through these targeted approaches, leading to a more balanced and fulfilling life.

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Integrated Therapeutic Approach for Managing Habitual Responses

Our approach to addressing habit-related issues combines Clinical Hypnotherapy, Psychotherapy, Counselling, NLP, and Psychology:

Clinical Hypnotherapy

We utilise hypnotherapy to access and influence the subconscious mind, the area where many habitual behaviours are rooted. This method effectively reshapes ingrained habits by embedding new, positive suggestions and behaviours.


Involves exploring the deeper emotional and psychological reasons behind certain habits. Understanding these aspects is crucial for developing strategies to change these behaviours effectively.


Providing a supportive space, counselling helps individuals discuss their habits openly. This aids in identifying triggers and developing practical solutions for managing and altering these habits.

Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP)

NLP techniques change negative thought patterns and behaviours related to unwanted habits. This approach helps in fostering positive mental habits and responses, crucial for habit change.


We work on modifying the behaviour and thought processes associated with the habit by applying cognitive-behavioural strategies. This includes techniques for stress management, impulse control, and developing healthier routines and lifestyle choices.

By combining these methodologies, we offer a holistic and personalised treatment plan for habit change, focusing on both eliminating unwanted habits and fostering positive new ones.

Session Fees and Duration for Habit Hypnotherapy

Our Hypnotherapy for Habits service has a clear and straightforward fee system:

Fee Per Session: Each one-hour session is priced at £190.

The number of sessions required to address and modify habits effectively can vary based on individual needs, the complexity of the habit, and the person’s responsiveness to hypnotherapy. Some clients may notice significant behavioural changes within a few sessions, while others might benefit from a longer series to fully embed new habits and break old patterns.

Sessions are available either face to face at our clinic in Harley Street, London. Alternatively, we can also arrange sessions remotely online.

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