Hypnotherapy for Sports Performance

Success in the competitive world of sports, physical prowess is often matched by an equally important yet overlooked component: mental strength. Hypnotherapy for Sports Performance offers a cutting-edge approach to sharpening this mental edge. Integrating clinical hypnotherapy with sports psychology, this service is designed to unlock and enhance the immense potential of each athlete.

Through sports hypnosis, athletes can achieve an elevated state of focus and concentration, which is essential for “being in the zone.” This heightened awareness allows athletes to filter out distractions, hone in on technique, and execute their skills with precision. Our service is not just about reacting to stress or anxiety; it’s about preemptively building a mental fortitude that transforms challenges into opportunities for victory.

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Common Athletic-Related Issues We Address

  • Performance anxiety and stage fright impact confidence during competitions.
  • Self-talk barriers, where negative thinking hampers peak performance.
  • Difficulty in maintaining focused attention and concentration under pressure.
  • Physical symptoms of stress such as increased heart rate and muscle tension during critical events.
  • Mental blocks that hinder the development and execution of sports techniques.
  • Recovery challenges, both psychological and physical, following sports injuries.
  • Stress related to identity and self-worth is often tied to sports achievement.
  • Balancing personal competence with career goals in the realm of sports.
  • Overcoming fears that limit potential and disrupt training or performance.
  • Managing the emotional and psychological impact of changing levels of participation and success in sports.

Our unique blend of hypnotherapy and sports psychology targets the subconscious mind, reshaping negative thoughts and limiting beliefs into powerful motivators. Athletes learn to channel nerves into laser-focused performance, converting doubts into unshakable confidence. This transformation is crucial for thriving under pressure and emerging victorious.

How Sports Hypnosis Trains your Mind to Solve These Issues

Hypnosis provides practical solutions to a range of athletic performance issues:

Performance Anxiety and Stage Fright

Hypnotherapy instils calm and confidence, transforming anxiety into a positive driving force towards success, thereby enhancing performance during competitions.

Self-Talk Barriers

It reprograms negative self-talk, replacing limiting beliefs with empowering affirmations, which is crucial for achieving peak performance in any sport.

Concentration and Focus Under Pressure

Hypnosis enhances the ability to maintain sharp focus and attention, even under intense pressure, ensuring optimal performance.

Physical Symptoms of Stress

Techniques in hypnotherapy alleviate physical stress symptoms like increased heart rate and muscle tension, enabling athletes to perform comfortably in crucial events.

Mental Blocks in Technique Execution

Hypnosis targets the subconscious to overcome mental barriers, facilitating the development and flawless execution of sports techniques.

Recovery Challenges Post-Injuries

It aids mental and physical recovery processes, helping to regain strength and confidence post-injury.

Stress Related to Identity and Self-Worth

Hypnotherapy helps manage stress related to identity and self-worth issues, fostering a balanced self-image tied to sports achievements.

Balancing Personal Competence and Career Goals

Hypnosis assists in harmonising personal skills with career aspirations within sports, ensuring a fulfilling athletic journey.

Overcoming Limiting Fears

It addresses deep-seated fears, transforming them into catalysts for growth and improved training performance.

Emotional Impact of Participation and Success

Hypnotherapy effectively manages the emotional and psychological aspects of varying levels of sports participation and success, maintaining mental health and motivation.

Hypnotherapy equips athletes with the mental tools to overcome challenges and excel in their sports endeavours.

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Tailoring Mental Strategies for Enhanced Sports Performance

Our multifaceted approach in sports hypnotherapy involves a blend of Clinical Hypnotherapy, Psychotherapy, Counselling, NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), and Psychology, each playing a vital role in enhancing sports performance:

Clinical Hypnotherapy

We use hypnotherapy to establish a deep connection with the athlete’s subconscious, facilitating changes in mental patterns that impede sports performance. This includes overcoming anxiety, enhancing focus, and reinforcing positive self-belief.


Our psychotherapeutic techniques delve into the athlete’s past experiences and emotions, identifying and resolving deep-rooted issues that may affect their sporting performance.


Through counselling, athletes gain insights into their emotional and mental states, allowing them to articulate and understand their challenges, thereby creating strategies for overcoming them.

Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP)

NLP is utilised to modify the athlete’s thought processes and language patterns, transforming negative mental habits into positive ones that promote peak performance.


Grounded in sports psychology, our approach addresses the cognitive aspects of athletic performance. We apply evidence-based strategies to enhance mental toughness, resilience, and focus, which are crucial for athletes at all levels.

Together, these modalities form a comprehensive strategy, targeting immediate performance issues and fostering long-term mental growth and resilience in athletes.

Session Fees and Duration

Our hypnotherapy sessions for enhancing sports performance are structured with transparent and straightforward fees:

Fee Per Session: Each session, lasting one hour, is priced at £190.

The number of sessions required can vary greatly depending on the individual athlete’s needs, goals, and the complexity of the issues being addressed. Some athletes experience significant improvement within just a few sessions. In contrast, others may benefit from a more extended series of sessions to achieve their desired level of mental conditioning and performance enhancement.

Sessions are available either face to face at our clinic in Harley Street, London. Alternatively, we can also arrange sessions remotely online.

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