Buckingham Palace

Welcome to Buckingham Palace, the epitome of royal grandeur and the official residence of Her Majesty The Queen. As you approach its majestic facade, you’re greeted by centuries of tradition, elegance, and regal splendour. Join us on a journey through this iconic landmark, where every room tells a story, and every corner exudes the timeless allure of British monarchy.

A Glimpse into Royal History

Buckingham Palace has served as the official London residence of the British monarch since the reign of Queen Victoria in 1837. Originally built as a private townhouse for the Duke of Buckingham in the early 18th century, the palace has undergone numerous renovations and expansions, transforming it into the magnificent royal residence we know today. With its iconic balcony, majestic gates, and sprawling gardens, Buckingham Palace stands as a symbol of the enduring monarchy and its rich heritage.

Changing of the Guard Ceremony

One of the most iconic traditions associated with Buckingham Palace is the Changing of the Guard ceremony, a ceremonial display of royal pomp and pageantry that takes place daily during the warmer months and on alternate days during the winter. Watch as immaculately dressed guards in their distinctive red tunics and bearskin hats perform precision drills and marches to the stirring sounds of military bands. The ceremony, which typically lasts about 45 minutes, is a must-see spectacle for visitors to London and offers a glimpse into the timeless traditions of the British monarchy.

State Rooms and Royal Collections

During the summer, visitors have the rare opportunity to explore the State Rooms of Buckingham Palace, which are lavishly adorned with exquisite furnishings, priceless works of art, and glittering chandeliers. Marvel at the opulent splendour of the Throne Room, where royal receptions and investitures are held, and admire the ornate ceilings and gilded decorations of the Ballroom, where state banquets and official functions occur. Highlights of the tour include the Grand Staircase, adorned with a magnificent bronze fence, and the White Drawing Room, with its stunning collection of royal portraits and tapestries.

The Royal Mews and Queen’s Gallery

Adjacent to Buckingham Palace are the Royal Mews and the Queen’s Gallery, two additional attractions that offer insight into the royal household and its extensive collections. Visit the Royal Mews to see the royal carriages and state vehicles used for ceremonial occasions, including the magnificent Gold State Coach, which has been used in every coronation procession since 1821. At the Queen’s Gallery, explore rotating exhibitions of artworks from the Royal Collection, including paintings, sculpture, and decorative arts, curated from the vast holdings of the royal family.

Buckingham Palace Gardens

Venture into the tranquil oasis of Buckingham Palace Gardens, a lush green expanse that spans 40 acres and provides a peaceful retreat from the hustle and bustle of the city. Originally landscaped in the 19th century by renowned John Nash, the gardens feature manicured lawns, ornamental flower beds, and scenic pathways past tranquil lakes and majestic trees. During the summer months, visitors can enjoy guided tours of the gardens, which offer panoramic views of the palace and its surrounding architecture.

Practical Information

Location: Buckingham Palace Road, London SW1A 1AA, United Kingdom
Changing of the Guard: The ceremony occurs daily at 11:00 AM from April to July and on alternate days during the rest of the year, subject to change. Check the official website for up-to-date information on timings and cancellations.
State Rooms Tour: The tour of the State Rooms is available to visitors during the summer months, typically from late July to early October. Booking is highly recommended, as tickets tend to sell out quickly.
Admission: Tickets for the State Rooms tour and other attractions can be purchased online in advance or at the ticket office on the day of your visit. Combination tickets are available for those wishing to visit multiple attractions.

Nearby Attractions

Exploring the area surrounding Buckingham Palace reveals a wealth of attractions that complement your royal experience. Here are some nearby gems waiting to be discovered:

1. Westminster Abbey: Immerse yourself in centuries of history at Westminster Abbey, a UNESCO World Heritage Site just a short walk from Buckingham Palace. Marvel at its stunning Gothic architecture and explore its hallowed halls, where British monarchs have been crowned, married, and laid to rest for over a thousand years. Take a guided tour to discover the abbey’s rich history and intricate craftsmanship and pay homage to the many luminaries buried within its walls, including poets, politicians, and royalty.

2. St. James’s Park: Escape the urban hustle and bustle with a stroll through St. James’s Park, one of London’s most picturesque green spaces. Located directly opposite Buckingham Palace, the park offers panoramic views of the palace and its gardens, tranquil lakes, lush lawns, and colourful flower beds. Please take a moment to relax on a bench beside the lake and watch as ducks, swans, and pelicans go about their daily routines or enjoy a picnic amidst the park’s scenic beauty. More info.

3. The Churchill War Rooms: Step back in time and uncover the secrets of Britain’s wartime past at the Churchill War Rooms, located a short distance from Buckingham Palace. Explore the underground bunkers that served as the nerve centre of Winston Churchill’s wartime government during World War II, and learn about the critical decisions that shaped history. With its immersive exhibits and interactive displays, the Churchill War Rooms offer a fascinating glimpse into life during Britain’s darkest hour.

4. The Mall and Admiralty Arch: Stroll down The Mall, a grand ceremonial avenue stretching from Buckingham Palace to Trafalgar Square. Admire the regal architecture of Admiralty Arch, a triumphal gateway that marks the entrance to The Mall and serves as a symbolic link between Buckingham Palace and the seat of government. Marvel at its majestic facade and ornate details, and imagine the historic processions and parades that have passed beneath its arches over the centuries.

5. The Household Division Museum: Delve into the rich history and traditions of the British Army at the Household Division Museum, located within the historic Horse Guards building near Buckingham Palace. Explore its fascinating exhibits on the elite regiments of the Household Division, including the Life Guards, Blues, and Royals, and learn about their roles in state ceremonial and military operations. Take the chance to witness the Changing of the Guard ceremony at the Horse Guards Parade, a colourful spectacle that occurs daily during summer.

6. The Royal Mews: Discover the royal carriages and state vehicles used for ceremonial occasions at the Royal Mews, located adjacent to Buckingham Palace. Marvel at the opulent Gold State Coach, which has been used in every coronation procession since 1821, and explore the stables where the royal horses are housed and cared for. Take a guided tour to learn about the history and traditions of the Royal Mews and gain insight into the royal household and its fascinating role in the British monarchy.


As you bid farewell to Buckingham Palace, you leave with a deeper appreciation for the majesty and history of the British monarchy. Whether you’re drawn to its grand architecture, rich collections of art and artefacts, or the timeless traditions of royal ceremonials, Buckingham Palace offers a truly unforgettable experience for visitors of all ages. So, come and immerse yourself in the grandeur of Buckingham Palace – where the past meets the present, and the spirit of monarchy reigns supreme.

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