Hypnotherapy Harlesden

Are you looking for a professional hypnotherapist in Harlesden? Look no further!

Dr Kamal is an expert in personalised hypnosis treatment, helping many people reach their goals comfortably and quickly.

He offers a first meeting to discuss your needs and see how hypnosis can help you get the best results. This is a great way to ensure he’s the right fit for you and that his unique hypnotherapy service suits your needs.

No matter who you are or what you’re struggling with, Dr. Kamal can help. Whether it’s mental and emotional difficulties, physical illness, or unwanted behaviours, he’s here to assist, primarily when other treatments haven’t worked.

Hypnotherapy from London Hypnotherapy & NLP

Welcome to London Hypnotherapy & NLP, where our dedicated team is committed to guiding you on a journey of self-discovery and empowerment. Dr. Kamal brings expertise, empathy, and personal attention to his hypnotherapy practice. Our customised hypnotherapy services are tailored specifically to address your individual needs, whether you seek relief from stress, desire to break a habit or require assistance in overcoming fears and phobias. We support you as you strive for a brighter and more fulfilling future.

How Does it Work?

In a hypnotherapy session, your therapist will assist you in reaching a state of relaxation and mental focus. When in this state of relaxation, your mind becomes more receptive to positive suggestions, which can help you modify your thoughts, emotions, or actions.

It’s crucial to understand that even while under hypnosis, you retain control.

Hypnotherapy is not about someone manipulating your mind, but rather about discovering how to access your mind’s potential.

How Hypnotherapy Can Help?

Hypnotherapy is a well-established and scientifically supported technique that guides individuals into deep relaxation and heightened focus. It is essential to distinguish hypnotherapy from the type of hypnosis often depicted in entertainment shows, as its primary aim is to bring about positive changes in individuals’ thoughts, feelings, and behaviours.

Through hypnotherapy, individuals can better control unwanted behaviours, address specific issues, and cultivate new, healthier habits. It’s common for people to mistakenly equate hypnotherapy with the sensationalised stage hypnosis seen on TV or in live performances.

However, it’s crucial to recognise that during hypnotherapy, individuals remain in complete control of their actions and are open to positive suggestions to help them make the desired changes. This collaborative process allows individuals to harness the power of their subconscious mind to promote personal growth and well-being.

Common Issues Addressed with Hypnotherapy

Anger Management




Corporate Empowering Mindset


Exam Nerves

Bad Habits



Nail Biting

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD)


Public Speaking


Smoking Cessation

Sports Performance


Weight Management




Why Choose Us?

At London Hypnotherapy & NLP, our dedicated professionals collaborates with you to facilitate positive transformations serenely and pleasurable. Our primary focus lies in identifying and implementing solutions, eschewing a fixation on past issues or convoluted methodologies. Instead, we harness the latest advancements in neuroscience and the calming effects of trance to achieve remarkable results. You’d be surprised at how enjoyable and comforting the hypnotherapy experience can be!

Dr. Kamal, our esteemed clinical hypnotherapist, brings over 25 years of expertise in mental health to the table. He ensures a secure and nurturing setting to address and navigate your challenges easily.

Tailoring our methods to align with your requirements, our London practice endeavours to unlock your mind’s potential and steer you toward positive changes and enhanced well-being.

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