We don’t set out in life to become addicts of any kind. It’s roots can often be as a result of just boredom, or unhappiness of some kind in life and a way of escape from reality for a while.

When we start to enjoy this escapism we crave more and more of it over time. This leads to uncontrollable and self-destructive behaviour putting not just ourselves in physical and emotional danger but the very ones that are the most important to us too.

Once you have developed this addiction it can become almost impossible to control. These feelings and experiences derived from the pleasure of this addiction, even though you know it’s not healthy allow you continue doing it. Deep down you want to stop but don’t know how too.

It can also be very difficult for someone with an addiction to Substance Abuse, Alcoholism, Drugs, Gambling or Smoking to give up or quit due to the fear of physical withdrawal symptoms, feeling unwell and depression

We can help you overcome your addiction with Clinical Hypnotherapy by working with your subconscious mind to bring about a positive change in your behaviour by changing the pattern of thought that you have created.

We understand that each individual is different the same way we understand that each individuals particular addiction reason is too. We work together making sure the therapy fits to your need as opposed to you fitting around the therapy.